Which airline is pet-friendly in India?

In India, Air India and Akasa are pet-friendly airlines. Both airlines have dedicated pet-friendly spaces for pet-travel, which ensures the comfort and safety of your pet.

Is Air Travel for pets safe?

Yes, it is safe for your pets to travel by air. We check all compliances before getting your pet onboard.

Which mode does Paws En Voyage use for relocation?

Depending on your requirements, PEV uses all modes of transportation and multimodal.

Will my pet travel in a crate?

Yes, that depends on which mode you opt for your pet travel. If you opt for Air travel, then it is mandatory.

How much will it cost me?

It depends on which mode you choose to travel via. Contact PEV for a quick quote.

How can I arrange a crate? / Do I need to buy a crate?

The Pet parent does not need to buy crates. They can just rent it from PEV.

How can I get a pet travel quote?

Just give a call or send a message/email to PEV and our pet travel consultant will guide you through everything.

Which is the safest and most cost-effective mode of transportation?

It depends on where you want to travel, every mode is safe with PEV.

Is your vehicle pet-friendly?

Yes, PEV has designed their vehicle for pet travel which is 100% comfortable and safe for your furry companions.

Is your staff pet-trained?

PEV has expertise in pet travel and our pet-handlers are well-strained professionals who will take care of your pet throughout their journey.

Can my 2 pets travel in the same crate?

No, they cannot. Each pet will require separate crates of their respective sizes.

How would you handle my aggressive pet?

Handling aggressive pets requires patience, caution, and a thoughtful approach to ensure the safety of both the pet and the handler. Our pet-handlers are well-trained professionals equipped to handle all kinds of pets.

During the journey, who will feed my pet?

Air: The pet will be fed a little food prior to flying by the airport staff. No food is given during the flight.

Rail: If the pet is travelling with our handler, then the handler will feed the kid; if the pet is travelling with their parent, then they will have to take care of the food and other requirements.

Road: Our pet handler will take care of everything including food, water, washroom breaks etc. for the pet.

Is your crate IATA approved?

Yes, our pet crates are IATA approved and available for rent during the travel.

How can I track my pet?

We will attach a GPS tag (needs to be returned) on the pet’s collar for every mode of transport, which will help you track your kid easily.

How do you ensure food and water?

Air: Water is available at all times within the crate. Pet cannot be fed any food during the flight.

Rail: Food and water is available at your disposal at all times.

Road: Water and food (consulted with pet parent beforehand) is available in the car at all times.

Is there an ideal pet size and weight?

Yes, you can read up about it in our ‘Resources’ section.

Is there a minimum age for pet to travel?

Yes, your pet dog or cat must be at least 8 weeks of age to travel by Air.

What does the pet parent need to provide to PEV prior to travel?

You need to provide us with a Fitness Certificate and an updated Vaccination record of your pet. Also, food, if they have a specific diet.

Can I use my own crate?

If your crate is IATA approved and of the right size, then Yes. Otherwise, you can use PEV’s rental crate service.

Are pets medicated/sedated before travel?

No, the pets are not allowed to be medicated or sedated in any way, shape, or form prior to air travel. We do not condone the sedation of pets before/during any mode of travel.

Can my pet travel with me in the cabin?

Yes, they can travel in the cabin only if their weight is under 5 kg, including the weight of their carrier/ kennel/ ventilated bag. However, approval from the flight commander is required for cabin travel.